April 2019 Newsletter

April 09, 2019

We’re now approaching the 6-month mark from Election Day! We’ve had no shortage of excitement in March as our leader Andrew Scheer was right here in our riding to host a town hall event. I had several minutes with Andrew for a 1:1 conversation in front of a 500+ crowd and media live broadcasting. 

We also visited Clearpath Robotics to check out some of their world leading work happening right here in Kitchener South--Hespeler. CTO Ryan Gariepy took us on a fantastic tour, as we were joined by MPs John Nater and Harold Albrecht, as well as fellow CPC candidate Stella Ambler.  

The following day we had MP Erin O’Toole visit us at the Hespeler Legion for a Q&A and dinner event. Erin brought a lot of insight to the crowd through his experience as former Minister of Veterans Affairs and current role as Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs. He conveyed the seriousness of our country’s challenges brought upon us by this Liberal government and Justin Trudeau, while lifting spirits that change is on the way.

Recently, MP Michael Chong joined me at the launch of the Waterloo-Wellington-Guelph (WWG) Francophone Roundtable and the "Welcoming Community" project. We were both pleased to exercise our dialogue en français at this important opening.

And all can enjoy and appreciate beautiful Hespeler Village, where on a Sunday morning Jacqueline and I caught the Waterloo University Gamelan Ensemble at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church.

On the streets, our team knocked on about 2,500 doors across the riding, engaging with our neighbours who are expressing their desire for change. Our support is showing very strong!


Here in April, we’ll have some more visits from Conservative MPs, joining me around the riding as we continue to share our Positive Conservative message for Kitchener South--Hespeler and Canada.

Heading into these next months, WE REALLY NEED YOUR HELP. Our primary activity is direct engagement with our neighbours at the doors. The time is now, as our advantage is getting out there ahead of the competition. We have fun, learn a lot about local concerns, and get some great exercise in ever-improving weather.

If you can spare some time volunteering to ensure we win this vital election, please contact me here: 

E-Mail Alan and Volunteer!

If you can help to fuel our teams to keep us moving with a small donation (highly tax deductible), please visit here: 


If you’d like a lawn sign for the election period, please let me know here: 

Request a Lawn Sign!

All in all, our party is gaining momentum nation-wide, and we have victory in our sights if we keep building our effort and sharing our Positive Conservative message. Your support will get us there!

Thank you to our CPC members. On with the mission.

Yours in service,